Battery Grade Ethylene Carbonate (EC), High Purity


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Ethylene carbonate is one of the most important solvent components in Lithium-ion Batteries (LIB) Electrolytes. It is the only organic solvent that enables the solid electrolyte interface (SEI) to be formed on the surface of graphitic carbons, which helps the graphite anode reversibly react with lithium ions for hundreds of cycles. In most of the LIB electrolytes, ethylene carbonate takes 20% ~ 35% in the mixed solvents and takes 15%~25% overall in the LIB electrolyte. More ethylene carbonate in the Electrolyte is helpful for the cycling of graphite anode while decreasing the low-temperature performance and rate capability due to its high viscosity and high melting point.

Chemical NameEthylene Carbonate
Molecular formulaC3H4O3
Molecular weight88.06
Melting point35-38 degree C(lit.)
Boiling point1.321 g/mL at 25 degrees C(lit.)
Density1.321 g/mL at 25 degree C(lit.)
Flash point320 degree F
FormCrystalline low melting solid


This organic reagent is packaged in fluorinated HDPE bottles with ultra-low water content (less than 100 ppm). The bottle is tightly closed and sealed with an aluminum bag. Please handle it in an inert and moisture-free glove box or dry room. Gently warm the container to melt the solid. Avoid high-temperature heating or igniting. Store in a glove box or dry room.

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