High Quality Acrylic Glovebox

An acrylic glovebox is a sealed container made of clear acrylic plastic (PMMA) designed to perform tasks inside the chamber where it’s a different atmosphere from the air. Built into the sides of the glovebox are gloves arranged in a way that users can place their hands into the gloves. The glovebox allows working with hazardous material or materials that are sensitive to the air or moisture. The gloveboxes are constructed with high-quality transparent acrylic plastic (Polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA), which allows viewing from all directions.

Acrylic vacuum glovebox
Acrylic Vacuum Glovebox with Both Main Chamber and Antechamber Able to Be Vacuumed

Transparent construction allows the user to see what is being manipulated inside the glovebox. These gloveboxes feature a large tilt-up front plate that provides convenient viewing and accessibility. There are gas ports for the applications that required an Inert atmosphere. CDA or Inert gas such as nitrogen, argon can be used to control the oxygen and humidity level.

Acrylic gloveboxes can be found in laboratories and clean rooms for chemical research, biological research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and 3D printing.

Advantages of Acrylic Glovebox

  • Light-weight. The acrylic glovebox is 50% lighter than stainless steel glovebox of the same size but still maintains high strength.
  • Cost-effective. When compared at price, an acrylic glove box is almost half the price of a stainless steel glovebox.
  • Impact Resistant. Acrylic is many times more impact resistant than glass.
  • Compact design.

Models of Acrylic Glovebox

ModelMain Chamber VacuumingPMMA Thickness (mm)AntechamberAntechamber VacuumingCustom Size AvailabilityHumidity Control