Battery grade Diethyl Carbonate (DEC), high purity, 1Kg


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Battery Grade Diethyl Carbonate (DEC), High Purity

Diethyl?carbonate?is another important solvent for?lithium-ion?battery?electrolytes.?The?use?of?high-quality?battery-grade?solvents?having?extremely?low?water?(<10?ppm) and impurity?contents?are?critical?for?achieving?the high?electrochemical?performance of the lithium-ion batteries.

Chemical Name Diethyl Carbonate
CAS# 105-58-8
Molecular formula C5H10O3
Assay >99.9%
Moisture <30ppm
Total Alcohol <100ppm
Molecular weight 118.13
Melting point -43 Degree C
Boiling point 126-128 Degree C (lit.)
Density 0.975g/mL
Flash point 33 Degree C
Form clear liquid
Color colorless, clear



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