Si-Carbon Composite Anode for Lithium-ion Batteries


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In this Si-Carbon composite, the Si amount is controlled lower than 10% by weight. Si is an active component that contributes to the high lithium storage capacity. At the same time, the graphite/amorphous carbon matrix significantly buffers the volume expansion of Si, improves electronic conductivity, and stabilizes the SEI layers of the Si particles. This is a commercial product used in pouch cells and cylindrical cells.

With the increase of Si content in the composite, the capacity is increased while the cycling performance gets worse.


  • 0.5%~2% CNT can be added to the negative electrode formula to improve the cycling performance
  • Increasing the amount of electrolyte additive is helpful to improve the poor quality of SEI film on silicon anode
  • The use of some special binder (such as PAA-based binder) can effectively improve the electrochemical performance of the material (such as cycling performance).

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Si-C composite, Capacity 420 mAh/g, Si-C composite, Capacity 450 mAh/g, Si-C composite, Capacity 650 mAh/g


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