Gold Electrode


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The gold electrode is used as the working electrode. It has no hydrogen adsorption wave and can be used for thiol detection.

The drawing of the platinum working electrode (2mm) is as follows:

Gold Electrode
Gold electrode

The regular electrode is a gold working electrode with a diameter of 2mm.  Products with other diameters are available.


  • Material: 99.990% Au
  • Sleeve material: PTFE Teflon (default) or PEEK
  • Length of the copper rod (B): 20mm
  • Length of Teflon sleeve (A): 60mm/80mm/100mm
  • Diameter of the electrode (C): Various
  • Overall length: 80mm/100mm/120mm
Metal Electrode Dimensions
Gold Electrode 3
Product IDDiameter of the AuTeflon Sleeve Length
Au105Ø 0.5mm6cm
Au110Ø 1mm6cm
Au120Ø 2mm6cm
Au130Ø 3mm6cm
Au140Ø 4mm8cm
Au150Ø 5mm10cm
Au160Ø 6mm12cm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Au 105 Ø0.5, Au 110 Ø1.0, Au 120 Ø2.0, Au 130 Ø3.0, Au 140 Ø4.0, Au 150 Ø5.0, Au 160 Ø6.0


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