Adjustable Film Applicator (Film Casting Doctor Blade)


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This Adjustable Film Applicator (Doctor Blade) is used to apply a uniform and precise layer of coating material on a substrate. The film applicator has a blade that can be adjusted to different heights or gaps, depending on the desired thickness of the film. It is an excellent tool to make high-quality electrodes for battery material research.

Adjustable film applicators are used in various industries, such as paint, ink, adhesive, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nanotechnology. They are useful for testing and evaluating the properties and performance of different coating materials.

The applicator has two micrometers extending through the bridges, allowing it to be adjusted upward or downward to control the gap and, ultimately, the film thickness. Film of 0 to 3500 microns in 10-micron increments is made.

  • Options of 50mm/100mm/150mm/200mm width
  • Make a wet film with a thickness between 0 – 3500 microns
  • 10-micron increments
Adjustable Film Applicator

Technical Data Sheet of The Doctor Blade

Blade Width (mm)50100150200
Thickness (um)0-35000-35000-35000-3500
Increments 10um10um10um10um
Precision +/-2um+/-2um+/-2um+/-2um
Dimensions (mm)100*70*100100*115*100100*165*100100*215*100
Weight (gram)5607809801180

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Width 50 mm, Width 100 mm, Width 150 mm, Width 200 mm


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